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  • Product Name: Mid-pressure Industral Centrifugal Blower

SAB mid-december -- Ⅰ industrial intermediate pressure centrifugal fan Is my company scientific research personnel in fully absorb the advanced countries such as Europe and the United States fan technology, based on the introduction of foreign products developed by the technology and manufacturing methods and the single medium-pressure absorption of centrifugal fan.
SAB mid-december -- Ⅰ industrial intermediate pressure centrifugal fan considering the high pressure fan pressure coefficient on the performance in the high and low pressure fan, the characteristics of large flow, solved the disadvantage of the fan selection on the selection of fan can keep within the scope of the best point, achieve high efficiency, energy saving and compact structure of the ideal state.
SAB mid-december Ⅰ fan pressure, the structure has A, C, D type such as transmission ways. Standard series specifications from 400 ~ 400, a total of 15 number, chassis parts factory outlet can be made into 0 °, 45 °, 90 °, 135 °, 180 °

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