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  • Product Name: Roof Centrifugal Blower

SAB - RC aluminum roof centrifugal fan is my company scientific research personnel in the fan technology on the basis of fully absorb the advanced countries such as in the us and Europe, combined with the advantages of domestic roof centrifugal fan to develop a new type of roof centrifugal ventilator.
SAB - RC aluminum roof centrifugal fan in the design of a high starting point at the beginning of high requirements, design the entire implementation of CAD multi-objective optimization design using ANSYS software, and analysis of flow mechanics, design specification strictly according to the international ISO standards and the United States AMCA related specification, guarantee the authenticity of this product is of high reliability and data, this series exhaust fan for general workshop, can also be made according to customer requirements explosion-proof type, used for discharge of soot, dust, organic solvents and gases containing volatile oil, this series of fan can tolerate roof heat environment, coastal an


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