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Product Details
  • Product Name: Noise reduction type pipeline fan

All the mute type pipe fan equipped with 50 mm thick deadened the noise of high quality cotton material, and cleaning on the surface of the fan is easy. The mute type fan shell made of high strength galvanized steel. Small volume, high efficiency and very low noise.
Motor variable voltage can be used to achieve 0-100% of the speed control, maintenance free, just need to clean the impeller. Fan motor and impeller can be valgus, because of this transfer type design makes the motor and impeller to facilitate inspection and cleaning.
The fan has the characteristic of moisture proof performance, can be applied in cold and hot environment. All fan with thermal switch. The silencing fan can be installed in the sealing unit.
SAB - QC - Ⅱ
SAB - QC - Ⅱ interface is a rectangular duct fan, backward of impeller design makes the wind

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