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  • Product Name: Linear blast type centrifugal pipeline fan

SAB - QC - Ⅰ and SAB - QC - Ⅲ linear supply type centrifugal fan main pipeline connection rectangular duct, fan shell is made of high strength galvanized steel, with small size, highly efficient, starting fast, the characteristics of the arbitrary Angle installation.
Them through optimizing design to achieve high wind pressure, air supply distance, low noise standard requirement. Equipped with high quality, exterior rotor motor rotation speed is adjustable, from 0 ~ 100%, free maintenance, only need cleaning maintenance on impeller.
Can pull the motor and impeller for maintenance and cleaning, all types of fan is equipped with fully sealed wiring device. Fan with damp resistance, can be directly installed in outdoor, all fan equipped with overheating protection device.
SAB - QC - Ⅰ or SAB - QC - Ⅲ
QC before - Ⅲ series with curved impeller volume is small, in the high wind pressure needed

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